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Offers free and unlimited access to ~43,000 live concert events, including ~3,000 Grateful Dead concerts. Also offers a collection of audio books exceeding 1,500 pieces in total, as well as internet radio and other collections.

Beck Reference
Contains "behind the music" information for a broad array of Beck songs, often referenced from actual Beck interviews and quotes. Also contains lyrics.
A community-built database of music information. Imagine a site with discographies of all labels, all artists, all cross-referenced. Extremely thorough discographies.

Frank Zappa Reference
Includes lyrical interpretations, references, musical references and other information regarding the music of Frank Zappa.
Prog Archives is considered the most complete and powerful online progressive rock resource available. You will find music discographies, bands, albums (and LP, CD, DVD) reviews, user submitted videos, a forum and related links. The discography lists over 15,500 albums and 3,000 bands.
Contains a vast collection of "behind the music" information regarding songs, albums and artists.

Zappa Wiki Jawaka
Containing approximately 4,000 articles, Zappa Wiki Jawaka is the most extensive resource of information regarding the life, times and music of Frank Zappa. Articles (regarding albums and tracks) usually contain lyrics, quotes from interviews, lyrical interpretations, musical references, and information about the musicians involved.