Dan Wenner Developer & Designer


My name is Daniel Wenner and I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee with my fiance, Mary, and our two dogs, Maggie and Toby.

We moved to Nashville in 2008 after I graduated with a B.S. in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

In the near future we intend to relocate to the "Research Triangle" area in North Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you move to Nashville?

A: Following college graduation I knew I didn't want to stay in Philadelphia or the surrounding area. My brother was living in Nashville at the time and I had enjoyed visiting the city occasionally in the past so I decided to pack my stuff into a car and move there.

Q: Why do you want to move to North Carolina?

A: There are many reasons. Mainly, my fiance and I have been wanting to move out of TN for a few years in order to get a change of pace/scenery and to be slightly closer to our families in PA. We also like the idea of being closer to the ocean and mountains, and being less land-locked than we are now.

Q: Why did you leave iostudio?

A: The company had to downsize and upper-management determined, prematurely it seems, that I was non-essential. The job was offered back to me a week or two later but I had already gained employment elsewhere so I agreed to work on contract during evenings and weekends on the projects that I had worked on previously.

Q: Why did you leave Applied Health Analytics?

A: I was the first of two employees hired by the founders of this start-up, Robert Chamberlain and Eliot Houser. Throughout my employment I was directly responsible for making many aspects of the business possible so I willingly ended up performing multiple jobs, many of which were unrelated to my actual title. I ultimately decided that the atmosphere was not a good match for me and that the increasing amount of stress I was experiencing was not worth struggling with.


  • Dogs
  • Motorcycles
  • Building things
  • Outdoor activities
  • Generic stuff (e.g., music, movies, video games, tv shows, books, food, pants, etc.)


  • Bills
  • Excessive amounts of commuting
  • The "Millennial Whoop"
  • Open-offices (yes, I generally prefer cubicles)
  • Generic stuff (e.g., bad weather, mean people, car problems, millipedes, etc.)